Small Business Lending

Home Bank wants to be your partner in the success of your business.



Our commercial loan specialists offer a variety of financing options, including loans through the Small Business Administration.


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Not ready to apply? Contact Wade Phelps (317) 402-3970, Scott Hines (317) 840-6549, or Kathy Spencer-Ellis (317) 754-2896 to find the best option for you!


Expedite the Loan Process

To expedite the process of applying for a business loan with Home Bank, first download and complete the following Personal Financial Statement (Excel File).*  

Once completed, contact Wade Phelps at (317) 402-3970,  Scott Hines at (317) 840-6549, or Kathy Spencer-Ellis (317) 754-2896 .


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Upload or download your personal and financial documents safely through our secure messaging and document storage portal.

  • Provides security to prevent hackers from capturing and reading your personal documents
  • Message content is secure throughout the entire delivery process
  • Securely store and retrieve information from anywhere
  • Provides off-site storage of important files and documents
  • An encryption key, unique to each user, secures files while stored in your account.

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*Please note that this form cannot be completed online or e-mailed. For security purposes, we request you print out the form and deliver it to Home Bank via mail, in-person, or fax (765) 342-6720. If you do deliver to any of our Home Bank locations, please specify that your document needs to be delivered internally to either Wade Phelps, Scott Hines, or Kathy Spencer-Ellis.