Sponsorship Requests & Donations

Are you looking for a sponsor of an initiative or organization?


How do I know if my request fits within Home Bank’s mission?
While we wish we could support all requests we receive, we keep in mind several key items when processing requests. Some examples of these factors include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Does the request support the community or connect people with their communities?
  • Does the request promote and improve education?
  • Does the request help eliminate a need in a community we serve?
  • Does the request stimulate the community and economic development?

For example, Home Bank does not sponsor personal endeavors.


How do I submit my sponsorship or donation request?
In order to have your sponsorship or donation request reviewed by our committee, please contact our Sponsorship and Donation Department via email or by phone at 765-558-3896 4 weeks prior to when the funding is needed.  


When should I hear back regarding my request?
Responses are typically given to any sponsorship request within 12-14 business days and funding should be sent to the requester within 4 weeks of when the request was submitted if approved. 


Thank you for joining us in making our “home” an even better place!

We are excited to be a part of endeavors supporting our community. Non-profit organizations may apply for a donation to be considered for our gifting by completing our Charitable Donation Request Form  and a W-9, and emailing it to Home Bank.