Cybersecurity Resources for Small Businesses

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Home Bank SB has been privileged to partner with and invest in our communities for over 125 years. We are excited to be growing and sharing our story with you! By gathering and working together, we can strive to make an impact greater than ourselves. Giving back is simply what we do at Home Bank SB, and we invite you to join us!

- Dan Moore, President/Chief Executive Officer

Lost/Stolen ATM Card

To report a lost or stolen DEBIT CARD, please call (765) 342-6695 or (888) 253-3003, Option 3. To protect yourself from unauthorized usages on your debit card after it's been lost or stolen, turn the activation off through our Mobile App!

For your convenience when you need a replacement, we also offer Instant Issue Debit Cards!

Inquiries can also be mailed to the following address:

Home Bank SB
P.O. Box 1677
Martinsville, IN 46151